Free Radon Test to all Veterans and 1st Responders when ordering a full inspection.



Short notice inspections welcomed, same day service if called in by 9:00 am that morning. 12 hrs. or less report turn around. 

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Free re-inspection if the property fails inspection on the day of inspection

If the home fails inspection at the time of inspection we will move on to the next home for free.

 What is a 30  Day FREE Home Inspection? Your best protection against a "failed"  inspection. Value Home Services is the ONLY company that has it. If the home fails inspection, we will do another inspection free. must be within 30 DAYS. home inspections, Home Inspections in Pa, Radon Test in Pa.

Free Radon Test to all Veterans when ordering a full inspection.

Free Radon test for all Veterans

Free Radon Test to all Veterans when ordering a full inspection. Radon Test in Pa, Home Inspections in Pa.

About us

Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

Know your suroundings at all times


I have owned a construction business since 1985 with up to  15 employees doing residential and commercial construction, so I know buildings and all their systems.

I also have a degree in facility management with construction from 2014, so I know what is correct and what is not when I come to inspect your property. Home Inspections in Pa, Radon Test in Pa.

We Notice the Little Things

We look up close at everything.


Although it is rare to find all the problems that can go wrong with a home during a average 3 hour inspection, we will find most of them, so you can make a better decision on weather to move forward or not with the purchase of your new home. Home Inspections in Pa, Radon Test in Pa.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

I am InterNACHI Certified

 I will not only help you understand the property you are about to buy but I will be there for you after the sale should you ever have any questions about your home , I do not mind helping you understand your new home. Home Inspections in Pa, Radon Test in Pa.

Featured Service #2 Radon inspections

Radon testing


$135.00/ $115.00 if part of full inspection.

We use E-Perm by Rad Elec Inc. equipment to do all our radon test. We find their products to be reliable and with quick results . There is no waiting after the test . You will have the results within one hour after the test is complete , 48 hours minimum.
License # 3233 Home Inspections in Pa. Radon Test in Pa.

Featured Service #3 Mold

Mold testing and Air samples sent out to a lab for results.

$285.00 does one room , and a outside comparison sample , then it is just $75.00 for each additional space.

There is mold in any damp area in your home and breathing it can make you sick enough to end up in the hospital. I can take Air samples and find out what you are breathing.  


Termite inspections

Termite Inspections

More and more I am finding that most homes have some level of termite damage in the basement and or in the garage and a lot of times it is covered or at least the seller has tried to cover it up for a fee of $115.00 you will know the truth.

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